Unitard Costume for Aerial Silks and Hoop (The Plan)

You can’t really blame me for being so anxious about the costumes for our upcoming show. After all, a unitard is probably one of the… wait… actually the most unflattering piece of clothing that ever existed. To appease myself I came up with a plan. Of course it’s a stupid plan but I need it to regain my composure.

First, I had to see what’s out there so I know what I can work with. I tried to find what I wanted and also checked out the next best thing so I have ready alternatives. For instance, I checked out rash guards, yoga gear and leggings so I don’t have to go back if I can’t find unitards.

Second, I browsed through swimwear, leotards and underwear. This is for the possibility of wearing one underneath a unitard without sleeves. It’s not enough to find a design you like. It has to be sturdy and at the same time it has to be affordable especially if you’d likely only use it once.

Then, I checked designs online. I just browsed through pictures of unitards, leotards, body suits and everything else I can think of and saved the ones I liked best. Cut-out designs do not have to be limited to this. You can also find inspiration from dresses or fancy tops. I did this little research just in case I want to have my unitard modified.

Next, I also saved pictures of body shapers, body stockings and body trimmers as reference for form. Design altogether is different. If I know the usual patterns for suits flattering to most body types I’d have an idea how to improve the unitard. I am not saying I’ll do it but at least I can explain it better to the designer.

And of course, step 5 of my plan is concerned with the designer. My cousin’s expertise is gowns and her work is focused on form and details so if she worked on costumes it’d be quite unique and flashy. Another friend of mine suggested a sewer whose is a ballroom dancing costume expert. I think it’s also a “workout dance” so it makes sense. Also, if that’s their expertise then they’d know about the necessary material for tight-fitting costumes. Last but not the least, Tippi Sy who also happens to be our classmate in aerial hoop said we can also have unitards made. Her experience in making costumes for pole competitions and her understanding what it is exactly that we do in aerial hoop are both very good arguments as to why she’s the perfect designer for this task. From here, it’s a matter of how fast the designer can do it and how much it would cost you.


I promise I’ll show you how everything turned out. Meanwhile, let me take pictures of what I have so far. Spinning!


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