Aerial Artist Costume Considerations

You won’t believe how restless I was when I found out that we’d be using a unitard for our number. Apart from my worries of looking like an Oompa Loompa, it’s not like you can get it in every department store. I was anxious especially after other aerial arts students told us that the only shop they know that carries it is currently out of stock. Oh but I have good news for you this early! haha. Before that, let me just give you 5 costume considerations for aerial arts.

  1. A long-sleeved unitard has great coverage but unfortunately is too hot for training here in Manila. One with spaghetti straps may not have as much chest support but still is more practical for our weather.
  2. In terms of comfort, cotton is best. However, the support coverage one made of nylon provides is more flattering for the figure.
  3. I suppose the footed suit has uses but we don’t need it as we also have floor work and dance routines in between aerial tricks. If we opt for the footed one, we’ll probably end up slipping.
  4. Next, you can easily dress up one with spaghetti straps compared to one with long sleeves. You can simply wear leotards underneath and it’s all covered. Meanwhile if you start with long sleeves, you have little freedom to change the look.
  5. Lastly, Black seems to be safest bet. It’s not too loud. They say it makes you look slim. Plus, it easily matches other colors. You also wouldn’t have to worry about dirt and stains. The next color in line is nude but this is harder to don. If you aren’t careful you just might end up looking naked. Of course for other people that’s exactly the whole point.

You better read the next post! Spinspinsugar!


One comment

  1. There are heaps of places to get comfortable unitards – people will also custom make them for you. Whats useful is if you have a design in mind and use some mesh fabric for the parts that often overheat – such as the back and upper torso. Check out some of the interesting designs on my blog – or message me if you get stuck.

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