Camping in Banahaw

I’ve experienced a bit of trekking, spelunking and rappelling before but this is technically my first climb/camping as we spent the night in the wilderness. It is one of those things I am most afraid of. I’m not too confident of my endurance and I worry about my allergy. I can give you at least 10 more why I’m not comfortable with the idea of camping in the mountains but this post is going to be too long. I say let’s skip to things you have to remember.

  1. Your water bottle, a small towel, a shirt and insect repellent should be accessible during the climb. And yeah, wear sunscreen if you start too late.
  2. Set a tent early so that you don’t have to struggle with a flashlight in the dark.1-IMG_1357
  3. If you cannot find decent tungko (big stones to hold your pot or pan over the fire), you can simply dig a hole for cooking outdoors
  4. Gather enough firewood to last you through the night. You’d smell like tinapa (smoked fish) but at least you’re warm and safe from some insects1-IMG_13321-IMG_1333   
  5. Dapo/dikit is actually a better alternative to banana leaves. Its frame has more support so it’s perfect to be used as a plate. Our lunch of ensaladang mangga andpinaksiw na tulingan.
  6. 1-IMG_1416Wear something long because apart from insects, plants are also armed with thorns and sharp vines. (picture of my mom with Amorseko)
  7. I had insect repellent on but the sound of mosquitoes was still bothersome. Now I get the hooded jackets with screen over the face.
  8. It’s summer and our campsite is not far from the foot of the mountain but it was still cold. bring a jacket, socks, mittens, scarf and a warm sleeping bag.
  9. Pack smart. If you forget something it’d be a burden to others. Packing stuff you don’t need is going to put a lot of stress on your back during the climb.
  10. Bring food fit for a climb. But yes do reward yourself with a small chocolate bar, a pack of Happy peanuts or even a can of beer. Or two.

IMG_1323 - Copy

Ah yes that’s my smoked self. Aloha!


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