Poledancing: The Disadvantages

By now it’s obvious that I love Poledancing (I have a blog dedicated to it!). But yes there are also things about it that I am not too happy about. Here I list those down.

  1. Sometimes you just want to show off but you can’t. It’s not like you can flash a super trick to just anyone. First you need a pole and second you need to take your clothes off.
  2. Body shapes will be a lot weirder. Medium clothes feel snug when you are actually a small. It’s mostly the bulk on your arms and your back.
  3. Your hands will feel rough and people will notice it. You won’t be able to shake hands as you used to. If you give massages, you’ll never be able to do it as thorough as before.
  4. Forget that you’ll ever grow your nails, wear lotion and actually be completely free of bruises or scratches you get from trying out random tricks.
  5. One of these days, you’ll look in your closet and wonder where all your ordinary bras went. It’s a bummer to wear sports bras under frilly dresses.

The Enemy! what is that?


Up next, I’ll give you an update on how my boyfriend is doing in his first 3 men’s pole classes. Spinspinsugar!


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