Beginner Men’s Pole Classes

I’ve been thinking about having phil try pole for some time and this February’s buy one take one coupon at Polecats Manila was a perfect treat. Apart from wanting to have a couple shot up the pole, I am hoping he’ll enjoy this different kind of workout. I think it really targets muscles vain men would appreciate (boohoo for us girls). Anyway this post is all about his classes and what he thought about them.
For the record, my boyfriend has no dance background. He goes to the gym but not as religiously as he should and he plays flag football almost every Sunday. When I watched one of his classes I was surprised how different it is from the girls’. Actually Men’s classes is not at all about dance. It’s about strength and knowing where to put your balls. hahaha!

trick inventory:
first try: chinese climb monkey spiderman/spiderman variation and flag
first day: flag, boomerang, shoulder lifts (preparation for shoulder mount)
second day: review of other tricks, rocket man, boomerang, preparation for gemini
third day: gemini, scorpio, regular thigh hold, inverted thigh hold
Unfortunately I don’t have shots of any of the new things he has tried but soon I will as him to show off. I do have the old photos of his first day here. Phil mostly struggles in the stretching part as he is not yet flexible. Sweaty hands also makes it harder for him to grip the pole for tricks. Like us girls, he also complained of skinburn on his inner thighs and armpits due to friction. Otherwise, he likes the workout and agrees with me that it is like no other. Isn’t that something?! Spin spin sugar!
*The author has been attending poledancing classes at Polecats Manila.

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