Going to Isla Reta: Talicud Island Davao

  1. From Davao Central (near Marco Polo), take a route 10 jeep (one with “Magsaysay” in their sign) going to Sta. Ana wharf. Taking a cab is of course easier but taking a jeepney (8 pesos per person) will save you some cash.
  2. Sta. Ana Wharf is in Leon Guinto St. It’s after Magsaysay Park and Chinatown welcome arc. When you get to the flyover, it means you’ve missed it. It is to your right so keep your eyes peeled. If you want you can get off at Leon Guinto and start walking to make it simpler.
  3. The boat ride has two stops. First is Kaputian island followed by Talicud. Boat fare is 60 pesos. It takes about 80 minutes from the wharf to get to Talicud but it can take longer especially if goods are being unloaded in Kaputian Island. Bring some snacks and think of what to do while waiting on board.
  4. Isla Reta is just walking distance from the wharf so there’s no need for habal-habal. There’s actually a sign which says it’s 232 meters with an arrow pointing to your left. Unlike other places, the habal-habal drivers aren’t as aggressive and will allow you to talk and even give directions if you decide not to ride one.
  5. Take note of the schedule of the boat rides as the earliest trip is at 9am and the latest is at 3pm. The earliest trip going back is at 6am and the latest is at 3pm. Of course it’s best to spend the night in a resort in Talicud.

Up next, I’ll yak about things you should remember if you plan to spend the night at Isla Reta. Aloha!


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