Guide: Dahican Beach, Mati

It is picturesque.
The long strip of white shores, emerald waves, blue skies and the backdrop of coconut trees make Dahican look like a postcard. If you are a photographer, it’s the perfect subject. If you are getting married, it’s the perfect venue for a prenuptial photoshoot. If you are traveling with your friends, it’s the perfect profile picture. So take advantage and go on a trigger-happy spree.
It is meant for surfing.
While it’s the most beautiful shore I’ve been to, it’s not at all friendly for swimming. I felt like swimming because it was so hot and the waves weren’t as big that afternoon. It was only for a short while but I was still hammered with what I call tumble-dry waves. Sure you can swim but your body will ache, your clothes will be stretched and will be all over the place and you’ll be acquainted with the feeling of drowning (haha, but it’s no joke). Of course there’s always off season if you really want to appreciate swimming there.
It is not commercialized. 
There are no restaurants in Dahican. If there are, those will probably only cater to the resort’s guests. You can buy fish from fisher folks or bring food you bought from the market and ask people there to cook for you (for a fee). But they’re simply doing you a favor and it’s not really a service. I was so relieved to see a chiller because I was craving for beer but they only had Coke and Sparkle. They did have corned beef (Holiday seems to be the popular brand) and other basic canned goods which was offered to us when we were asking where we could eat breakfast. People also rarely have change so get as much small bills in downtown Mati.
Skip Waniban in your island hopping itinerary.
When you say island hopping in Dahican, it means Pujada and Waniban. Boats can be found elsewhere as the waves make it rather complicated in Dahican. Trust me when I say there is nothing in Waniban but headache. I will write a detailed account on this particular tourist trap soon. I’ll keep you posted.
Accommodation Options
You can choose to stay in beach front resorts in Dahican (Botona Beach Resort/Kubo sa Dahican), other resorts in other beaches (Blue Bless/Cinco Masao) or inns/pension houses, hotels in downtown Mati (Lane’s/Villa Merced/Hotel Beatrice etc). There are dining options in downtown Mati but you are far from the beach. Resorts may have their own restaurant but more or less you have very limited food options. The advantage is of course having a beach front cottage. It is also quieter in beach resorts.
We stayed at Lane’s in Bonifacio St. We enjoyed the humble Kulot BBQ (also along Bonifacio in front of the big Lane’s restaurant). Queued posts will cover those. Aloha!

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