Pinto Gallery: Tips and Tricks

1-IMG_1338 Let me reiterate that I super loved our visit to Pinto Gallery and Silangan Garden but as any destination, people can overshoot or have different expectations altogether. Here I list down tips and tricks on how to enjoy your trip.

  1. Don’t think you can exhaust every corner, manage to read through every description and appreciate each artwork because just like every museum, you won’t be able to in one day. I say take your time and enjoy whatever you can absorb instead of consuming everything in one go.
  2. There are mosquitoes (big ones) and they will bite you so wear pants or bring mosquito repellent.
  3. It can be quite humid so wear comfortable clothes. Not all areas are weather-proof so don’t dare leave that umbrella in the car.
  4. It is far and it’s easy to get lost in Antipolo so unless you are going with a local, get decent directions/print a map out/use GPRS.
  5. Cafe Pinto is pricey (it is under Bizu’s management) so pack your water bottle and some light snacks with you. Better yet have a meal elsewhere before dropping by the museum (bottled water is worth 85 pesos!).IMG_1539

This is my 4th post and I’m glad because I get to post more photos! Haha. I went there with my boyfriend, my mom and Elena(a volunteer at my mom’s office) who agreed to pose for me before flying back to Canada. So yep, I only had very few photos of myself when I went there but I’m far from complaining! And just in case, my previous post was all about what makes Pinto Gallery awesome. Aloha!


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