Happy New Year (pole/silk/hoop) Wishlist!

I wrote on things I’ve “accomplished” from my old wishlist so I’m compelled to write a new one. I haven’t even started with the first item on my wishlist and my stomach is already doing inverts. I am that anxious because this time, I’m aiming for the moon.

on shoots
  1. 10 staged pole shoots before my next birthday
  2. 1 staged pole video
  3. 1 staged pole group shoot
  4. 1 staged pole shoot with a partner
  5. 1 proposal

on aerial arts

  1. review and take pictures private silks class
  2. choreograph a hoop routine
  3. attend one-day dance classes outside pole
  4. try out a short spinny routine
  5. attend an aerial workshop

on pole and flexibility

  1. pencil
  2. complete all splits (CAN I BACK OUT NOW?!)
  3. flag
  4. shoulder mount
  5. handspring

As always, there are no deadlines except for the first item. Wish me luck!


That’s me in my flag football jersey and my faux straddle split on a trampoline aiming for the moon. Happy New Year!

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