Men’s Poledancing Class

My boyfriend tried the hoop first then the silk and most recently the pole. Hurray for my constant manipulation! haha. Seriously though, unlike aerial arts, I want Phil to learn the more than just the basics in poledancing. It’s not just a one-shot deal. It’s because I want us to be able to manage some tricks for pole doubles. We’ve a long way to go I know but at least we have taken the first step. Apart from photos, I think mostly I like to show off. Spinning around the pole at home by myself is becoming more monotonous and I need another gimmick to keep my guests occupied. haha!

I did not expect the first day of men’s class to be completely different from ours. It was a wonder that they were asking Phil to do heavy lifting when it took us (girls) several classes before we attempted climbing to the top. Planks and lifts followed after the warmup with a 4-minute light cardio. Then, it was time for the very amusing Chinese climb. It really looks like the real thing! For tricks, it was the Spiderman with some variations (elbow grip, hands-free and with one leg straightened) and the flag. Finally, he was asked to combine all the tricks.
Since men typically have stronger upper body, I think the main problem is the flexibility. I’m sure that it’s going to be one hell of a morning after. Not unless you practice yoga or do stretches in your dancing or any other sport, it’s a pain. My boyfriend hits the gym once or twice a week so I guess it also helped in those lifts he managed. He’s got sweaty hands and feet so, it was also a struggle for him to stay on the pole even though he could easily lift his own body weight.
If you don’t think doing the flag is motivating enough, please see the the instructor’s body. haha! Yes I’m very pleased! He also agreed to avail of an 8-class card next year. As I wait, let me practice men’s tricks. It’s gonna be a lot of fun. spinning!

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