Break a Leg

I wouldn’t call myself a daredevil. Those are reserved for people who enjoy the thrill in having a brush with death. This, I defend by saying that I don’t even want to learn how to drive a car. But yes, let’s say there are things I want to try and things that I have fallen in love with.

In 5 years of playing flag football, 3 years of poledancing and 2 years of hitting the gym, I endured a lot of pain. Even the one-time or occasional activities like boxing, muay thai, kali wallclimbing, skateboarding, surfing, skim boarding, yoga were not spared.   I have injured both my wrists, some of my fingers, both my knees, both my ankles, my right footpad and my right shoulder. This is not counting the abrasions and the bruises I regularly get. In fact just last week my right shin got a beating from cleats and the other week it was my left. I know little of anatomy but yes you’d have to live through the agony of soreness sometimes of muscles you don’t even know existed.

Yes I suppose to some extent these activities are risky. People think so of many other physical activities I have never tried. But the lack of physical activities is a lot worse. People who see my injuries or those who overheard my rants shake their heads as to why I’d partake in activities which are physically demanding when I could be relaxing, watching TV or sleeping. Pain is temporary and the reward I got was far more notable. I’ve forgotten what it is to be like an insomniac. I eat on time as oppose to not having any kind of routine. I seldom complain of stiff back and shoulders nowadays because they get one hell of a stretch and muscles are hammered repetitively. I’m not saying my mood swings have improved but these activities surely helped in channeling some of the excesses. Last but not the least I feel good. I guess that’s a bit vague. I feel lively and remember little of my lethargic days when I stay in my pajamas for days and still feel somewhat exhausted. and I guess it is a plus to have some toned muscles here and there.
What I am saying is… Whatever it is it is going to be worth it. So go for it!

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