“Private” Aerial Hoop Classes

The one-on-one hoop class finally happened. Teacher Amaya turned what’s left of my  fear of single knee hang tricks into confetti. She was very good at shushing my cries of despair smiling sweetly at my every objection dismissing my well-thought excuses. Thus, this post is going to be all about promoting private classes for pole and aerial arts.
Of course it was not an actual private class. It just so happened that no other student signed up for that day. I tried my best to remember everything we did so that I can compare it to regular classes. All in all I think we were able to do about 15 tricks although it should be doubled because I also did the other side or did one several times. However, it was more of a review class so perhaps it will not be as varied if the instructor was teaching new tricks. 10 tricks I would say is a safe estimate for teaching new tricks to a student in an hour of private class, perhaps more if the tricks are simple and less if the student gets tired easily.warm up: 15 shoulder shrugs, 3 overhand pull up roll ups, 3 underhand pull up roll ups, 3 crab rise (right and left)

  1. walk on hoop
  2. body wave
  3. single knee hang both sides low bar
  4. single knee hang both sides high bar
  5. serpent hang both sides low bar
  6. serpent hang both sides high bar
  7. twisted ox both sides
  8. batman reach for back leg both sides
  9. bird’s nest from ox hang
  10. bird’s nest from pike
  11. Saturn right single turn, double turn
  12. Saturn left single turn attempt
  13. belly rise drop to angel recover to mount
  14. amazon (both sides)
  15. pencil (both sides)

I’ve seen students get frustrated that they are not advancing in hoop and silk classes. Even if they do know a number of tricks, you easily forget how to get there in the beginning. You have to ask for step by step instructions which would take time if there are about 6 of you in a class. Your first class is probably the most rewarding learning mounting, dismounting and a group of tricks (arabesque arabesque seat front warrior warrior). I would say that with 5 other classmates you’d probably have a chance to review 2 tricks and learn 2 more. I’m not saying you should only attend private classes. I recommend you to attend one and then follow up with regular classes once you’re already familiar with a number of tricks. I think a private class is better than 4 regular classes combined.

Since I’m more of a beginner in silks I think I’ll do that once I have extra funds. After all I find all three of them (pole, hoop and silk) grand and I think you do too. Spinning!


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