Guide: Taking Pictures of Pole Tricks

After putting it off for some time I finally had a staged portrait up the pole. It’s my first time so I learned a lot of things. Yes photography is one of those things I do when I am not up that pole. Here, I summarize the most important things in nailing that fierce pole pose including ones I’ve struggled with the most. Also thanks to my pole partner Jodi who gladly posed for me.1 - Untitled-1

1 background – It has always been difficult for someone like me who rarely ever shoots in a studio. Taking pictures of poledancing proved to be even more difficult because apart from the wall, and floor, you also have to consider the ceiling. If you can’t install a ceiling to floor plain background, at least minimize clutter so you can easily clean it up later (digitally).


2 pose and practice – The pose of course is the most important of all. The simpler it is the more chances of getting a good shot. The longer the model can hold it, the more time the photographer or director can explore angles and lighting. The more basic it is the less awkward and haggard the model will look. If you can find a picture of the pose then showing it to the photographer can also be the basis for lighting and angles. Also, do practice poses before the shoot.


3 lighting – I suppose this is a no brainer but since poles are often installed indoors, the least you can do is flood the place with light. when i say flood it I mean it. Situate near big windows and let the light in by removing curtains, if it’s near the garage use headlights. Use anything and everything. Also it would be good to put it in different levels. Have some on the floor, on table tops and etc.


4 costume – A dress rehearsal is a must because you have to be sure if it would work. if you can’t exactly work with it then make adjustments right away. If you have props practice posing with them too. Mirrors and having assistants who can direct you will make the task easier.


5 hair and makeup – Both hair and makeup will help a lot in projecting your theme because let’s face it, you can do so little with a bra top and pole shorts. And actually even if it is not exactly a themed shoot, doing hair and makeup makes your life easier because it makes the photograph cleaner. It’s better to be safe than sorry, the last thing you want is nailing a shot and realizing something is out of place once you zoomed in.

I can make this longer but oh well there will be other days for that. Spinning!

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