Thursday Burns

Thursday: after the salami breakfast: (Before my birthday weekend, last day before we went home to our province –  Sariaya Quezon)

  • Checked out an Aussie surplus for finds (which was closed)
  • Ukay ukay (the last one was September 01 of last year! Would you believe?!)
  • MSM surplus (discovered where they reopened, boy am I happy!)
  • Farmers (bought flowers)
  • Did some chores at SM
  • Lunch with a friend at Belinni’s (large appetizer sampler shared with Kris!)
  • Beer at Gerri’s (tried their dynamite too)
  • Lumagpas sa biyahe (which paved way for that long walk that lead to…)
  • Checked out an Aussie surplus and their wares! (which was already open!)

After dinner:

  • Flower massacre and documentation with Sikhay
  • Read instruction manual of my new cam (gift from cris)
  • shopped at Save More for what I’ll be cooking in Quezon
  • had dinner at Woorijib
  • Got some instant pasalubong at a nifty Korean grocery Nice Mart

I used to document (in paragraph form) how my day went whenever it was oh so busy. Nowadays, I compress everything in bullets. I manage to squeeze a lot of things in (or many things manage to squeeze in without my knowing). It can be unbelievably exhausting yes and I still wonder if it is my defensive mechanism for regressing (as once echoed to me by a friend). I never really told anyone my point because I think it’s obvious but anyway today I will do that. More than my compulsion to talk/write about the day’s activities, I want to show people that they can always make time. Anyone can make a day seem longer if it is for something that would make them happy. It is no easy feat to always do what will make you look forward to “tomorrow” but I do that whenever I can.

Try exhausting a day to adventure and tell me what made it worth it.


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