Try something new today!

I try to convince people to get into a sport, a hobby or a random workshop. Many times I feel like I overdo it but I’ll never apologize for that because I know that it’s nothing but good news. It’s good for the heart and good for the soul. It helps you calm down, focus and sleep. It uplifts your mood and it can be something to look forward to. Here I give you a rundown of what you can do for starters (in Manila).

  • Poledancing at Polecats Manila
  • Aerial arts: hoop at Polecats Manila
  • Aerial arts: silk at Polecats Manila
  • Fun Flag football (Join me and my team at U.P. Sunken Garden)
  • Muay Thai at Sarreal Gym
  • Box at Sarreal Gym
  • Kali at F.I.S.T under Jeric Pantaleon
  • Wallclimbing at Centro Athletico
  • Rubbercut Printing (and other crafts) at Craft MNL
  • Pottery at Clay Art Garden under Katti Sta. Ana
  • Photography at Photoworks Academy under Leo Castillo
  • Chinese watercolor at Ateneo/Fully Booked (BGC) under Ceasar Cheng
  • Surf at Zambales and stay at The Circle Hostel

Pop me a message if you have any questions (I’ve tried all of them). and and by all means, please do post about what else you think I should try.

You’re awesome!


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