First Makeup Workshop: Technicolor indeed!

The workshop under Vi Wainwright through The Makeup Artistry was exactly as I expected. I think there’s still room for improvement but in general it was practical, interesting and worthwhile. A total of 20 hours in four installments, each day starts with a short lecture and a demo before each student works on their applications. The first day was all about day and evening looks. Second, it was the bride and groom. Third, it was black and white and colored photography and the last was reserved  for couture and avante garde.

TotalCollage_1LG3C-HRR2Y Its sad that mostly we only worked on half of the face when I think theres time to do both. If youre expecting to take pictures of your work, it wouldnt be a good start for a portfolio. The place is also too cramped for the number of participants they accommodated. It may be just right for the lecture but once you let your model in and you have to stand up and move around, its one hell of a marketplace.

While I still think this is the cheapest workshop out there, I still spent more than what I initially planned. Makeup was provided but you have to wait for others to finish or go walking around the room trying to find what you need. Impatient me ended up buying brushes and palettes on top of the initial 4000. I wished they also gave the participants a complete list of the implements and products to be used so we had an option to buy what we could.

TotalCollage_HOXYA-KWD3A This is the evening look and the day look. It’s not as distinguished as it’s supposed to be. I need to stop playing it safe.


Out of the four days, this is my favorite particularly because the black and white makeup tutorial was really something. I can’t wait to try it out in my staged portraits. It’s going to be awesome!


This is high couture why it’s so I’m not sure. Still, I’m happy I was able to practice and also I got to try putting on base for fairer skin. I actually forgot to take pictures when I tried out the “avante garde” look. oh crap.

IMG_4125I think it could’ve been shorter/they could’ve squeezed in important bits/made us do the whole face for a look. I dunno shit about makeup but I think knowing about brushes and understanding what each is designed for would be a useful addition. Maybe the different forms makeup comes in with their advantages and disadvantages will also be better than discussing “foods for healthy skin”. Don’t get me wrong. I love this workshop. It’s perfect for people who are giddy, impatient and creative enough to work around the edges.

It really made a difference and I’m more confident in putting makeup on. plus, I really look forward to trying it out in my shoots. Woohoo!

*The 20-hour workshop offered as a coupon was held at 301 Millenium Place Meralco Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.



  1. hello! i am also interested in enrolling in this class.. but i have a few questions i hope you can help me with? :) i will leave my email below and hope we can correspond. thank you! :)

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