History Comes Alive at Ayala Museum

988655_10151511367237635_2022937257_nI picked out a printed blue skirt and paired it with boots.  I got a plain white shirt because it was so humid yesterday and I hope my curls and my fancy bag made up for it. Did I overdo it? I hope not but if I did I will not apologize for it. This is, after all, the first “class” after college.

Who would have thought that at 30, I will attend a lecture and not notice that I have been standing for over an hour. Did I expect to laugh heartily and clap like a pre-schooler for a lecture somewhat related to history? Of course not. Did I expect that others pretty much received it well? No. Did it blow me away? Yes.

I thought I was going to cry (which would have been so embarrassing) but thankfully I only got teary-eyed. No I won’t apologize for my theatrics either. After all this “class” is under Ambeth Ocampo, a stupid dream of mine. Do I recommend it? Are you kidding?! Will I be there for the next helping of History Comes Alive at Ayala Museum? Hell yeah!

Reserve early as my friend and I were not able to get the free copies of the book that supposedly came with the ticket. Securing seats as early as when the doors open (1pm for a 3pm lecture) is also advisable.

Why is the ticket not as fancy as the poster? Why?!



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