On Counting

Once a friend asked me what my expertise was. “I like counting!” I sounded like it was the correct answer.

I count books, recipes and movies. I count restaurants, dishes, cakes and cupcakes. I counted classes I’ve attended in the studio this summer. I count years after my last cigarette. I count trinkets, coats, hats and accessories. I count blogs, drafts, paragraphs and words. And I like the idea of counting and documenting whenever I can.

The first is always grand while the second is as thrilling and the third a darling. The last will always be treasured but so will the one exactly before that. The next is more than the one that preceded it. The 5th, 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 100th will always call for a celebration and beyond. Anything in between is part of a countdown which makes it even more exciting. Sometimes people are overwhelmed with figures and forget that it also started with one.

Age is a number too. I count and I have this figure in my mind but the truth is that the number never matters. A number may be a marker but it is always your enthusiasm that makes something special. The first one always has a lasting impression and any number can be the last.

Start counting and most importantly know what counts.


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