5 – practical how to lose weight tips from a non-expert

I came across this article written by some expert on tips for dieting. In it, the first tip was to split an order of congee ordered from any Chinese restaurant. I didn’t need to read on to be prompted to write my non-expert version. I don’t really do much research on the subject so I suppose it’s more on the opinion side. But seriously sharing congee with someone else as a suggestion to lose weight? I doubt if you need to be an expert to know that most Chinese restos in the metro overdo salt (if not MSG). That’s one “X” for you right there. Secondly, as far as I know congee is made of rice and a dish weighed down with empty calories is something that people who plan to eat healthy or plan to lose weight might want to avoid. Another “X”, agree? And if ever you’d get more than just rice, you get processed kikiam, fishball or meatballs which are all, well correct me if I’m wrong, miles away from being healthy. Nevermind, here are my tips!

1 – drink water

I think it’s crazy when people take away sugar from their diets. It’s hard and sad as it is and it will even become harder especially for women whose cravings are heightened in certain periods of their cycle. My compromise is reducing “sugared water” intake along with meals. If you really have to drink cola, at least drink the same amount of water first. For instance if you want to drink half a glass of soda, you have to drink half a glass of water first. Lessen is the key. Soon, your addiction will not be as bad. It may seem trivial but 3 meals a day (not counting snacks) and 7 days a week? I’m no good in math but half everything and you lose something.

2 – learn cooking

This is a little bit demanding because it entails a lot of research and practice but if you know more about food it would be easier to choose lesser evils. If something is healthy and it tastes good, learn what else you can whip out of it. Have a list of your favorites which aren’t processed (less salt and less preservatives, not fried, not heavy on the calories etc). Healthy eating does not happen overnight so don’t force it. For instance, choose eggs Benedict over sausage Mcmuffin, mashed potatoes instead of fries, asparagus over corn, cheesy broccoli over cheesy macaroni. It doesn’t sound promising but you’ll get there.

3 – sleep

This is not really related to food but I’ve noticed that whenever I lack sleep I tend to binge. I think the chewing part helps in keeping you awake (or so we thought) so we nibble, gobble and chomp our way through days and nights we lack sleep. Eating because we’re hungry from working out is one thing, eating because we lack sleep working hours in front of the computer is another.

4 – accessible healthy options

You can’t eat healthy if it’s not accessible. So know where to get healthier options near your house, your office, the school and etc. Buy a lot of fruits and vegetables and bring it with you. Get implements for flame grilling or poaching or steaming so you won’t have to fry. It sounds like a lot of work but soon it will seamlessly be a part of your routine. Little steps and no big leaps okay.

5 – less salt

This is the best advice I can give to people who wish to lose some weight. Less salt means less carbohydrate intake, less salt means lessening intake of other flavors to pair it with (like soda). And apart from being healthier, it will improve your tastebuds and you can taste food better as ever and identify other spices and flavors. It will happen!

I love food and I love to cook and sometimes I want to go on a diet. Aloha!


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