A taste of Escolta, Binondo and Cupcakes

IMG_1157I regret that I was too embarrassed to ask this man who was as old as Escolta so I can a picture of his  awesome beard (after all he did harass us when we already paid for parking).

We (Phil, my mom and I) went all the way to Quiapo to check out Escolta Market. It was exactly what I expected after my cousin told me about the people behind this project. It’s ingenious, ambitious and to some extent pretentious. Meanwhile products are a mix of junk, rare items, handmade pieces but expect that most of them are expensive. I was wishing the selection would prove me wrong but…1-IMG_11701-IMG_1160

There were few stalls. There was heavy traffic. Nothing much impressed me. The people were young and rich. The place had “officers” for safety but it does not change that it is Escolta and it is as hostile as ever outside the building. I didn’t think it was necessary. What they should have done was warn everyone that it’s not exactly a good idea to wear short short skirts and an expensive camera around your neck. However I did bring home a little something and looking at it now, the exhaustion was worth it.1- IMG_3487IMGP5721

From Escolta, Phil, my mom and I checked out this Chinese restaurant where we splurged. I’ll post that on my food blog soon. After lunch, we dropped by Ayala Triangle Gardens for coffee (at Kanin Club) and vegan cupcakes care of Evan and Perry. We also needed to get sausages we’d be serving for Phil’s birthday bash that evening. We napped through traffic before finally doing some last minute shopping.


1-IMG_3487IMGP5720Finally, I went to hibernate in our kitchen where I cooked for about 20 people (I’ve yet to count). Thanks ma for taking pictures!


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