Being a part of Stellar on Broadway


(Kayleen Ortiz)

I like wishlists so I have a number of them lying around. I came across a list of the things I plan to do related to the pole and it’s quite a surprise that joining Stellar isn’t a part of it. So I have to say that it is quite an achievement! After missing two recitals since I started attending poledancing classes, I have challenged myself to be a part of this one. I felt like the timing is perfect because I’ve never been this active in poledancing. I knew that it’s far from being a walk in the park but I felt like I owe it to myself. I was ready to make all those sacrifices and dedicate everything to pole. True enough, it was just work and working out at the studio for at least two months.


(Ann Santos-Dajon)

For me Stellar is many things. It’s a thief stealing you away from your friends, family and other activities.  It’s surreal, practicing for two months forgetting everything and before you know it the 2-hour show is over. It’s narcissistic with all the dancing in front of the mirror, dressing up, being all made up for practices, shoots and the actual show. It’s a health regimen as it motivates a lot of people to get into a healthy diet and routine in order to look and feel good. It’s a challenge making people master tricks, memorize choreography and be like a performer. It’s a grand social event meeting and mingling with people from all walks of life. You will win friends and you will support each other. And these people will make you laugh or make you cry from laughing.


(James Joseph Oliver)

Lastly, it really is stellar in every sense of the word. Was it the stage that forced people out of their cocoons to play their part? It’s something else that drove people to party backstage and no drug can do that. I am proud of and grateful of and feel some kind of connection with everyone that night all the performers and all the teachers and many others. It’s almost indescribable. It’s a feeling so good you’d want to sustain it but so overwhelming that you know you’ll never contain it and you’d have to let it go (like an explosion of some sort only it’s in your chest).


(Larry Soliman Photography)

and did I mention we got to take turns in having our pictures taken


(The author is a beginners 2 student and “blogs” poledancing in a separate address. Visit it here)


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