5 simple ways to make the photoshoot and program better

(this post is still in relation to the students’ recital, Stellar year 3)

1 – Block poses with the backdrop beforehand so students can get used to the small area and teachers know what they can work with in terms of poses.

2 – The students should be reshuffled for other shots. Taller girls should be given a chance to showcase their full costumes too by staying in front. They worked hard for their costumes too so it’s such a shame if it’s only their face that is showing. (I’m lucky though that I usually end up in front.)

3 – For people who are not used to posing in front of the camera having a small prop would always help in making awkward hands look more natural. Practicing poses in front of the mirror works too!

4 – If Stellar 4 is expected to be bigger, the backdrop (or the location for the shoot) should be bigger too! The 19 striptease girls hardly fit the frame so I’m thinking how it would be if there were more participants.

5 – Is the program really intended to be distributed to the performers? I always thought it’s meant to introduce performers to the audience. And if it’s meant as a souvenir, I don’t understand why it’s not printed in color.

spinning spinning spinning


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