Wrapping up Super Unlimited Summer!

There are a lot of things going on inside my head and it’s kind of difficult to choose which I should first jot down. Let me start with the most basic which is some form of a rundown of activities during the super unlimited summer progra.

I initially hoped to attend as much hoop classes as I can and focus on pole classes just so I can attend the recital but it became a full-blown summer workout extravaganza. The number of leggings, pole shorts, sports bras I bought over the past few weeks is enough proof that the Polecats Manila’s studio became my second home. I got to attend A LOT of classes!

Pole classes were fulfilling because the tricks I have always tried to escape from finally found me. Hoop is as magical as ever. Silk is revived with a whole new set of tricks and I am now more comfortable in manipulating it. Flexibility and conditioning classes helped in slowing things down and piping things up in making each of us more flexible and stronger. I faced my fears of being “sexy” in front of other people (“sexy” in terms of how the majority interpret it) by attending striptease and dancing in heels classes. Hell, I even joined the striptease number! And I’ve sampled the spinny class which made me think of alcohol and how simpler it is to just drink to achieve that state.


In two months, I attended a total of 57 1-hour sessions at the studio. This can be broken down into 14 hoop, 11 silk, 11 mixed, 9 beginners 2, 4 striptease, 3 flexibility, 2 dancing in heels, 1 conditioning and 1 spinny classes.  On top of these there were 4 rehearsals (7 additional hours – separate payment for studio rentals). Once my friend asked me what I am good at and I said I like counting.


Saying that I got my money’s worth is such an understatement! And that alone makes it SUPER!



  1. […] I like wishlists so I have a number of them lying around. I came across a list of the things I plan to do related to the pole and it’s quite a surprise that joining Stellar isn’t a part of it. So I have to say that it is quite an achievement! After missing two recitals since I started attending poledancing classes, I have challenged myself to be a part of this one. I felt like the timing is perfect because I’ve never been this active in poledancing. I knew that it’s far from being a walk in the park but I felt like I owe it to myself. I was ready to make all those sacrifices and dedicate everything to pole. True enough, it was just work and working out at the studio for at least two months. […]

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