May 31, 2013

Yesterday: general rehearsals. Tomorrow: Stellar on Broadway.

Chaos. That is what best describes my state at this point. There are so many contrasting thoughts. I want to exercise but I already did that earlier. I want to practice stunts but my pole is not installed. I look forward to try out things other than pole, hoop and silk but I know that I will miss taking classes at this rate. I want to go out and splurge but I want to save. I want to sleep but I shouldn’t nap so I can sleep early tonight. I want to go for a run but it’s raining. I’m relieved it will all be over soon but also fearful that this experience may be the last. And so I write. Writing solves everything unkempt.

I have a total of 10 guests and if I consider common friends Jodi and I have it amounts to 17. I told my dad he cannot watch for fear of being distracted if I happen to see him while performing. While my brother showed interest he also expressed he would feel weird in watching his older sister do poledancing. I don’t blame him. So, apart from my mom no one else in my family will watch. This is because my relatives are on vacation. There were also people who I expected to be around but told me early on that they can’t. Why all these? Because this night matters to me and it matters to me because I worked hard for it.

I wish to thank Jodi, my pole partner, all my teachers, pole mates and everyone who have been supportive of this endeavor.


Tickets will still be available at the venue.

Stellar on Broadway

June 1, 2013, 7pm, SM Sky Dome


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