Trying out Heels and Spinny Classes

It’s official! I can now say that I have tried every class they have offered for the super unlimited summer program at the studio. This time I tried the Dancing in Heels class under Kris and the Spinning Pole class under Amaya after the 2-hour rehearsal of beginners 2.

Dancing in heels


I’ve stopped wearing high heels long ago but I do own a very comfortable pair which I thought was perfect for the task. Most of my classmates were wearing at least 4-inch heels and some already got their own pair of Pleaser shoes (something that is made for the pole) but really I cannot imagine having to live through that so I am rather pleased with my humble 2 ½ inch heels. Interestingly, I found the class enjoyable. I usually cringe at the idea of freestyling to music I am not familiar with. And since I only wear heels on special occasions (such as being a part of the wedding entourage), I am admittedly reluctant. But I strutted and freestyled and it didn’t feel like I was faking it. I don’t know if it was because our teacher was so funny or it was just my time to bloom. That sounds disgusting, I take it back. Anyway, the class was basically about walking and dancing in heels. At first glance, it seems easy. But thinking of doing it in a sensual manner and never losing your poise in between pole spins and floor work, you’d change your mind. It’s very fun and intriguing! Our teacher dimmed the lights for the dancing part. I think I’ll attend the very last installment this Friday. See you there!

Spinning pole

My X pole can be converted to a spinny so I said I should have a bit of background for using it. Actually I have used it many times when I hosted parties for my friends. We end up using it as a carousel many times squealing like children in a carnival ride. I gotta say that’s a lot of fun. Taking it up as a class though isn’t. I guess it’s my first attempt so it’s understandable. The spinning is just so difficult to control and once you’re dizzy you’re left with little time to actually learn tricks. I think I managed climbing and another trick but that was it. But anyway the others seem to enjoy it quite well. And apart from having fun they also looked good. Damn good. So I guess it’s just not for everyone but it’s sweet to finally be able to try it.

Now more than ever is the perfect time to say…



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