Silks: A New Life

After initially planning to attend aerial silk classes once or twice during super unli summer, I’ve lost count of silk classes I’ve attended. I’m already struggling with managing time and funds between pole and hoop and so falling in love with silks is definitely a big problem. That makes three and juggling is a full-time circus act!

I like silks because it is the most compact. Having said that I’d probably be able to get it before hoop. This apparatus is also the closest to themes I like to portray in photography. Its irregular form makes it more fitting for dramatic scenarios. For instance, it can look like a dress, a coat, curtains and etc. In its plain form, it’s fluid and lively so it’s a great prop. Oh please don’t get me started with colors it comes in!

In terms of stunts, it is definitely smoother than the ones I learned in hoop. The sequences are much longer and you will end up learning more tricks in an hour than a hoop class. I guess silk burn is a bummer but at least you will be able to a do stunts even if you can’t mount properly, all you have to do is sit. Most people would opt to try silk first and most who tried both often choose silks. But there’s no point in telling you this and that because people are different. I think I still love the hoop more but who knows how things will be tomorrow. It’s a new day after all.


(pictures of some of my classmates to follow, cheers!)


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