Flexibility & Conditioning Classes: A Note

May 10, 2013, Friday, I attended 3 back to back classes namely flexibility, mixed pole and conditioning (deflowered!). And may I say it’s awesome?!

I have background in rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, modern jazz and cheerdancing. And also there are those warmups in other sports I’ve tried. What I mean is I wasn’t expecting much from the flexibility class so I was happy when I’ve discovered new ways to stretch. A whole day can actually be filled with these stretches, can you believe it? While I am not saying that a flexi class is easy, it was quite a surprise to find it relaxing. It’s too bad that I can’t nap right after the session because I always feel happy, at peace and sleepy.

I definitely recommend the conditioning class for people who are just about to do inverts and those who want to perfect their inverts. If there is one thing that is clearly addressed in the conditioning class it’s the core. With planks, handstands and pilates based exercises making use of the core, few beginners will be able to survive the minutes. I personally disagree with the one leg push up and twist to a dip because even if it addresses a lot of muscles, people will not be able to execute it if they don’t have strong arms (biceps and triceps), chest and back. What I mean is it’s a bit weird to ask people who can’t do pushups properly to do one-leg pushups. My weakness of course is the legs just as most beginner poledancers. There were some exercises addressing that but not as much as the exercises for the core (which is just fine by me! haha).

The sandwiched pole class is also strategic, driving people to attend the other two. It’s a good transition from the slow flexibility class to the heavy conditioning class. Soon I’d have to say goodbye to these classes because I doubt if I can set aside funds for it. I know that these would help me in the long run and it should be practiced in a day to day basis but well it’s different if you don’t have an instructor telling you not to give up. I was planning to put up tips here but I’ll save it for another post.


Flexibility, mixed and conditioning classes at Polecats Manila rated five painful stars! f*cking awesome!

(the back to back classes also called Frideath coined by one of the students, Bambi)


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