My boyfriend tried Hoop and Silk!

IMG_0372I like the idea of Phil trying out the hoop and silk for many reasons. Firstly, I think it’s cool for him to try something few men would dare. The mere fact that he has to wear tights and hold awkward poses in front of other people is difficult enough.

Also I like him to have an idea of what I do in the studio so that he’ll know what to tell other people if they asked. He can help a lot in this changing-poledancing-hoop-silk-mindsets-campaign.

Third, I want him to have a bit of background so that in the future, he can help me out when I do some stunts. While I think it’s farfetched, there’s still that little hope that he’d love it and he’d be a regular and he’d be my partner in the future but let us not get carried away!IMG_2015




Anyway, I think he pulled it off quite well even with zero flexibility. I knew that he wouldn’t struggle in carrying his own weight as he regularly works out. However, I was not expecting that he’d be dizzy from doing inverts. He said he liked silk more than the hoop because it was more manageable but I’m not sure. Personally, I think he did better in hoop.

There is one thing left for him to try at the studio which is the pole. I think it would be the most challenging feat yet. For one thing I won’t be there to say he’s doing fine (because it’s men’s pole class)and well, he’ll be naked except for very skimpy shorts. hahaha!

Have I mentioned that that photo of his on my timeline got the most likes among all my photos? Damn!

Why the hell is my boyfriend prettier, more popular and sexier than I am?!




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