Sports Bra Specifications

IMG_13641. Support is one thing.

Sports, strenuous or not, require support for safety and comfort. But sports bras built with under-wiring, push-up mechanisms and thick foams are just ridiculous. I tried it once or twice because I liked the design but boy it was just so painful and awkward. While I did find one that worked just fine in low to mid impact sports, it’s no easy task. Forget it!

2. What no hooks?!

Sports bras sans hooks and clamps is another riddle to me. If it got no hooks then it means there’s only one way of putting it on and that is going to be uncomfortable. For a piece to give you enough support it has to be a little tight right? I just don’t like stressing over something as simple as wearing one especially when I am in a hurry. And a sports bra that easily slips into place, well, will also easily slip out of place if you know what I mean.

3. Clima cool (or whatever textile technology a line has)

It’s okay to sweat from working out but if you are sweating from just wearing your sports bra, well it does not work for me. Cotton is good at that breathable aspect but soon enough it would be drenched in sweat which also lead to discomfort. So I say invest. Be mindful of clearance sales and be patient. I guess it’d also good to do a little research on the combination of materials for it to be cool and breathable.

4. Enough frontal coverage

Sure there are many occasions where I would want to flaunt a little skin but not in the studio when I struggle in doing stunts, not in the gym where I sweat doing push ups, not on the field where I play o-line or d-line bending over at the line of scrimmage.

5. Non-slip straps

Razor backs have no problems I guess but other types of sports bras should be equipped with non-slip straps because the last thing you want is pulling it up into place every so often when you are doing your dance or run.


I’m very particular and I doubt if it’s not obvious in this post. While I did find one fitted to my specifications, I’ve yet to find one that is just as stylish as it is practical. Black is just too plain. Spin spin sugar!


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