project super unli: March 30 shoot

IMG_0720 - CopyAlright! Photography is one of those things I got into as well but I haven’t been having shoots for quite some time. Anyway, I am always particular about the photo’s concept (most of the time even more than the quality of the photo) however, these shots deviate from that. Why? Because they’re my “before” shots. After the two-month project which is basically attending random pole and hoop (perhaps silk too) classes, there ought to be a difference. Right?

Here I went over to a friend’s house and asked her to help me out with the shots I wanted. As I said, it’s a “before” shot so there will be an “after” summer shoot (which will probably have more “skin”).


Isn’t this the most boring post for a series of shots with a lot of action in them? Could I be less interesting right now?!

IMG_0723 - Copy

Thanks to Cris for helping me out, for letting me shoot there and for being a darling. spin spin sugar!


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