Pole and Hoop Hours


Impressive studio hours for me in the first quarter of 2013 which certainly proves how much I love the hoop and at the same time how hard I am fighting for the pole. I was so close to admitting that it will be much better to focus on the hoop as I was never a natural round that pole. And then suddenly, like a big joke, I finally did a number of stunts that I never could on the pole. So it seems like the pole will put up a longer fight. Finished up both my 8-class pole card and my 8-class aerial arts card. If I could manage the routine for the show, I will be in two!

My new stunts include Upsplit, Alesia, Jade, Crescent and Crescent fang and while most of my classmates managed to do these things way ahead of me, I’m rather proud that I finally nailed them. Tricks are far from perfect but at least I can say that “I did it” even if it was just a second or two unlike before when I could say “I attempted to” at the most. I still hate a lot of stunts and a lot of spins but maybe all I need is a little more patience.


On to even more exciting stuff, the show’s theme on June 1 is burlesque! I’ve been trying to find inspiration in malls and online and soon I’ll be splurging on a costume I will use once. I plan to take photos of favorite tricks soon so let’s just say this blog will get more things going on. It will be a grand circus I promise!



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