Writing Thoughts

I imprint truth on a page and lies on the other. I record dreams and nightmares.
Sometimes I put punctuation, sometimes I capitalize, sometimes I finish a story, But most of the time I…
Sometimes I think of writing something sensible but at least I try.
Most of the time I cannot understand my pen as my thoughts are faster than my strokes
But sometimes, even paragraphs of legible handwriting do not help in discerning what I wish to articulate.
Thoughts are elusive. Sometimes you know for certain that they will never be forgotten.
Thoughts are deceptive. Sometimes you think you can but you cannot.
I can vaguely remember the time before I started writing.
Thoughts were such a mess!
They were here and there. and everywhere!
thoughts good and bad, thoughts fun and sad, thoughts enchanting and ghastly
They were in my toys. They were in my clothes. They were in my food.
Worst of all, they were underneath and all over my bed and in my head
Even when I closed my eyes. Even when I fell asleep.
I was told that even if you can’t see something it does not mean it’s not there
And I knew. That they’re there.
I know. They’re still here.
But nowadays I write.
I put this and that on these pages.
I imprint truth on a page and lies on the other.


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