Liwliwa: Eating at Mommy Phoebe’s

It’s our third time to visit Liwliwa Zambales for surfing basics so I think now, more than ever, is the best time to write about food tripping at Mommy Phoebe’s place. It’s not the only place you can eat at but they do have the most extensive menu.

First, I’ll cover silogs (Filipino fried rice, meat viand and fried egg combination meals). As far I am concerned they offer bagnet, beef tapa, adobo, adobo flakes and longganiza. For classic helpings, they have pork chops, grilled liempo and fried chicken. For breakfast goods they have spam, hotdog, bacon and omelettes. Unfortunately they don’t offer a lot of vegetable dishes and I’ve only had pakbet, tortang talong and ginisang sayote so far. Otherwise it’s the vegetables from sinigang (kangkong and labanos) or nilaga (pechay and repolyo). Other than sinigang and nilaga they also have bulalo and  beef mami. I also finally tried their tacos and it’s quite refreshing after having a lot of Filipino dishes. I forgot short orders they have other than pansit but I won’t talk about those yet as I haven’t tried any of them. And finally they have pritong tilapia, grilled blue marlin, fried tuna, grilled tuna, adobong pusit and daing na bangus.

Second, let me give you tips.

  1. Very near the sea, expect seafood to be very tasty. Have as much as you can as they’re not just fresh, they’re healthy too!
  2. The serving of a cup of rice can be tricky, sometimes it’s just right but most of the time it’s a bit more than you can handle so order half first or bargain with lean mean men to take care of your extra helpings.
  3. The bagnet, tapa and bulalo can be very good (actually more than very good) but there were times when they were a little too tough so be prepared to chew hard or use your hands to appreciate them more.
  4. They use local vinegar as dip and if it is too strong for you can request for ordinary vinegar.
  5. As I’ve said there weren’t many vegetable viands but they do sell tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, onions and calamansi so you can pretty much whip up your own salad. It might be complicated but if you can instruct them how to cook a veggie delight using what they have available you can solve your veggie craving problem just like that *snap*.
  6. Undecided what to order? You can have both by ordering half of a viand each. Half of adobo flakes and half of tapa is equal to satisfaction. Otherwise eat with friends, order different items and share everything.
  7. Make use of the condiments namely ketchup, hot sauce, chili flakes, bagoong and vinegar. You can also make use of slices of onion and tomato to balance out the salty goodness of Filipino dishes.
  8. I’ve tried the mango shake, the choco banana shake and the mango banana shake. Mangoes are seasonal but bananas will always be available. Fantastic for sunny surfing days! I heard they have halo-halo. uh-oh!
  9. While I don’t recommend it when there are too many people, you can also request for something not on their menu. I’m thinking French fries, garlic mushrooms, bell pepper omelettes and a lot of seafood!
  10. Lastly, it can get pretty crowded. Expect to wait longer for your meals to be served especially if they have a full house. Eat early or during unusual hours so you won’t have to worry about anything.IMG_7793

Third, surf to burn calories.


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