Starting Hoop Classes January 2013

I’ve been a bad bad girl attending the first two hoop classes so early in the year! Okay, I admit that it is what I have planned despite certain conflicts I was able to iron out. I was really aiming for that partly to get things going and partly because I wish to try so I can write about it sooner. Why do I wish to write about it? Well, because I want to promote it to make sure that they would have enough clients to continue conducting hoop classes. Oh isn’t obvious? I just love it so much! I kinda feel guilty about it but it is true, I can’t say I’ve loved the pole this much. Ouch!

I haven’t really decided to abandon the pole altogether. I did get up that pole last January 5 but it’s gonna be pretty hard for me. I tend to lag behind as I was never a natural so I have to work extra hard to be a part of Stellar 3 (the yearly presentation of Polecats students). But how can I catch up in poling if I also want to take up hoop classes. Anyway I’ll worry about that some other time. I’ll allow myself to be thrilled about hoop first.

I heard from Kayleen that both Mara and Amaya will be teaching hoop while she will be teaching silk classes with Aj but so far I’ve been under Mara’s. It’s great. The pace is more relaxed and everything is done step by step. Just like the pole, no background is required but I think a bit of exercise is useful before you try this class. You need a very toned core to be able to get on it and do some stunts.

But seriously, once you’re there, everything will be smooth-sailing so do it and be a little patient. I can’t stress enough that now is the perfect time to try it because it’s a relatively new art/sport. Almost everyone is just starting out so there is a lot of time to catch up.


This will do for now. I’ll see you up that hoop, yeah?


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