Silk and Hoop Classes at Polecats Manila

Jodi, my polemate, did mention seeing silk and hoop classes in the January schedule of Polecats Manila. It took some time for me to digest the idea. Polecats themselves assured us (during the teaser aerial arts hoop and silk classes under Symone Dolai ) that they will start teaching aerial arts in January 2013 to give them some time to train. I am always a pessimist so I expected some kind of delay. It finally got to me when the schedule was right in front of me. I mean hey things are getting more magical and more surreal! I never expected that I’ll be able to have a shot at something as close to circus as that when I have turned 30 years old and here they are offering regular classes giving everyone the chance to pursue it further. It’s scheduled at Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays so if you see a window on your heavy workload go on and live a little. Check out the complete January 2013 schedule of classes or follow this link.

schedule january

So first and foremost it is a separate class card meaning even if you already availed of the 8-class pole card, you’d have to purchase another one to cover silk and hoop classes. Secondly it is more expensive. The 8-class card is priced at 5500 pesos while the walk in rate is priced at 800 pesos (for pole it’s 3500 pesos for an 8-class card and 500 pesos for walk-ins). Apart from the expenses, I have a lot of concerns this early. For instance, if I dedicate more time to hoop, I may neglect pole “duties” hahaha! I mean I may be wrong here but I think it’s easier to fall in love with the hoop than the pole. I’ll elaborate on that in another post but I say drop by their studio as early as January 5 to get that card and attend that first class. Other than being a part of the very first regular aerial classes in the Philippines, it’s just oh so exciting to try your hand at all these stunts. And did I mention you lookin’ pretty?

See you there classmate. Spinspinsugar!


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