Vie and Vault Pole Dance Amateur Competition

IMG_3460 I went to Big Shift Events Hall at A.Venue Mall Makati Ave. to watch the Vie and Vault Pole Dance Amateur Competition. How can I ever miss such an event?! It’s the first in the Philippines after all. But more than that it’s the first event where dancers dance as individuals. I mean it’s another thing to perform as a group and be choreographed by a teacher. Here amateur pole dance students chose their piece and picked out stunts and moves they wish to showcase. I went there to see how they did choreography, to appreciate the art and of course to support Polecats in general. Love your own! Hahaha. But yes I think the champion (Kristel de Catalina) deserved the top spot! She was graceful, unique, strong and creative (everything a pole dancer should be).

IMG_3497Although most of the routines were close to perfection despite being “amateurs” the routine by Victoria Velasco (the second one who performed) had the most impact on me. I liked her transitions, her music, her costume and make-up and her stunts. I don’t know how she did it but she looked really classy. I was close to tears when Fernando (Trinidad) was dancing to that god-awful music! (I’m being sarcastic okay. I loved it but I don’t know what the title is). More than the music and performance it was because slowly, dreams are unfolding. The back stories of each of the competitors were all very inspiring. There were participants who have only been active for a year or so and there they were performing in front of an audience.

When two of the Polecats contestants got the prices (Kyla Ortigas, Miguel Ignacio), Phil already handed me his hanky. What?! What’s wrong with being happy and being sensitive? I was kinda expecting that since I got hold of the tickets. I felt proud of my “schoolmates”, of my teachers and of my own little pole endeavors. I just know beginnings will never end.


Oh and yeah, I went there with Phil and Don. Congratulations to the winners, participants, organizers and everyone who contributed to the success of the event. Also can someone please tell me what kind of dance was the one performed with the white dress and the long white table? And if it’s not too much to ask, what’s the name of the performer and where else does she perform? I’m struck.


I’m elated! Spinspinsugar!


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