new heights?

weird is fashionable?
the outdated is in style
the old-fashioned is it
and the obsolete, vintage

alas, tattoos reduced to mere accessories
and shorts & skirts reduced to undergarments

less is more. visuals sell.
intentional wrong grammar is suddenly cute
and unintentional is stupid
there’s no such thing as attention span

smartass comments, intelligent?
when did being rude become an attitude?
now being mean is in?
innuendos are obvious
and vulgar is no longer offensive

when did characters from books become names?
the different has become the ordinary
accents used to be mocked, now they’re being faked

outcasts are all the rage
introversion is out of the box
lonely is an organization
awkward is natural so people unnaturally act awkward.

indifference, feigned or not, is the new black
sweet is too cloying?
kindness is now insincere
and brutal is apparently honest

The dark, no longer a secret
nobodys are somebodys
nothing became something
everyone is suddenly everything

when did disorders become traits?
like a worn badge
uncool the new cool
slut the new hot
odd the new fad

if 30s are the new 20s and 40s the new 30s how old are you?
I’m confused, when old school is now?


life is the news feed
correspondence through a screen
surreal becoming the usual
so tell me what is real.


12th of October (or earlier)


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