The Circle Hostel: The Basics

Conceptualized as cheap lodgings for surfers, The Circle Hostel does not luxuries rersort hotels would have. But at their rates, you’d probably afford to go there several times a year and master surfing in no time. Here are some basics if you want to check it out.

  1. Bunk beds at 350 per person per night can be in the coed dorm or the all female dorm.
  2. Hammocks at 250 per person are situated directly below the coed dorm.
  3. Tent space at 250 is as private as you can get but it’s not exactly the beach front so it is not well-ventilated and you have to bring a tent of course.
  4. The fee includes a light pre-breakfast snack of peanut butter bread and bananas but if you get up late don’t count on it.
  5. They have a common bathroom with 3 cubicles for bathing and 3 cubicles with toilets. Outside the bath are two sinks.
  6. The common area where you can do almost everything is on the second floor. It has 4 hammocks, a mat, throw pillows and a long table. It also has sockets, wi-fi, a toaster and a player with speakers.
  7. You can also use their grill for your food.
  8. They have lockers for your valuables but you have to bring your own padlock or rent theirs for 20 pesos.
  9. They have a fridge but it’s not exactly accessible. You would need to ask for their permission every time you open it.
  10. They have a thermos so you don’t have to worry about hot beverages but they don’t have cups or would charge you for styro cups so bring your own tumblers.

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