The Circle Hostel: 5 Things We Love!

It was more than enough for me to find a fairly cheap and accessible place to stay where I can try out surfing but here’s a rundown of things I loved about The Circle Hostel.


The fee includes a serving of bananas, bread and peanut butter early in the morning which is ideal for a pre-surf snack. It sounds just about right with a cup of hot beverage for those who do not usually have heavy breakfasts. If you want you can also pack it and bring it to the beach. If you plan to stay longer, you can bring jellies to mix with the peanut butter and instant oatmeal to eat with the bananas.


Both the dispenser and the fridge are behind the reception desk and you have to ask permission to access so it’s not exactly that convenient but yes I do appreciate that I do not have to worry about heating water when I want coffee or any of those instant eats. The fridge on the other hand is perfect if you have perishable goods. You don’t have to worry about cooking or consuming it right away.


I never really got the hang of using a hammock even for short naps but apparently it is easy and many of friends managed a snooze in one. I tried it again and found it ideal for cooling down in this hot weather of ours. It is more refreshing compared to those cushions where you’d end up in sweat. They have 4 installed at the common area, 1 below the common area and 4 more below the coed dormitory. It really works for people exhausted from paddling!


The Circle Hostel has a dormitory with bunk beds so you just kind of leave your stuff lying around. There really is no sense of privacy there. So installing lockers is a stroke of genius. It’s not as bothersome as behind the counter deposit boxes but it’s just as safe. Because of that you don’t have to worry about any of your valuables. Bring your own padlock or rent one at the desk for 20 pesos. And just like that you can go to the beach worry-free.


And finally, the bestest thing about the Circle Hostel is the common area. Why? Well, the bunk beds area is for sleeping alone meaning you can’t eat, drink, chill and make a lot of noise there. You have to be considerate of people who want to sleep. The common area is the solution! You can do just about anything there. I dunno how it would go if you shared it as it was only our group during our stay but it was pretty cozy for us. The common area has mats, pillows, 2 long tables, 4 hammocks, an mp3 player-ready speakers and a toaster.

Up next, a list of things you can do there! Aloha!


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