Nothing. Something. Everything

At the moment my regular activities include fun flag football, poledancing and going to the gym. I’m mostly in charge of planning the menu for the week, accounting and doing the groceries in our house but I kinda like the cooking part more. I work as a writer and researcher. I don’t exactly hate it in fact I kinda enjoy it but really, there’s nothing much to write home about.

I like stuff. I try to visit museums, galleries and specialty exhibitions as much as I can. I watch movies, performance arts, concerts and gigs when I can spend for it. I also go crazy when I’m  sampling food joints especially when goodies are worth raving about. I don’t rave about it as much as my other hobbies but yes I do enjoy reading books.

I got into photography not so long ago but right now staged portraiture which is very dear to me is in a hiatus and mostly I just take pictures of people, food and collectibles. (What a sad sad thing!) Speaking of my little affair with photography I promised myself I’d give art a chance (or is it the other way around?) so I try to believe and think I could even if everything seems to point to the opposite direction. I actually drag myself to draw, doodle and paint and if it is not an assignment I won’t actually do it. But yes I consider myself creative. I do create (just so happened that they’re not conventional works of art). I’ll play it safe and state I am into crafts instead. Apart from drawing and painting summer workshops, I also got my hands on Chinese painting. Quite recently I had a sort of a crash course in rubbercut printing and maybe I’d have more of those. Oh, I may have already mentioned that I have accidentally discovered calligraphy not even a month ago.

I’ve a long list of summer lessons in the past; swimming, theatre, cooking, piano, rhythmic gymnastics and table tennis, modern jazz, bartending, tennis and theatre. But it was different then because my fascination for each of these was momentary and soon I was back to doing nothing.

Turning 30 is perhaps partly to blame as to why I have been on a try-all-you -can spree (that or I simply like to). I tried wall climbing again and had a taste of archery, spelunking, yoga, tai chi and most recently, aerial arts silk and hoop and jogging. I believe surfing and anti-gravity yoga is in order and would soon be a part of this list.

Most importantly, I write. I am not a writer nor am I blogger but I do have numerous posts on my blogs (I have to reiterate the S there because I have a lot). I owe a lot to writing. It soothes me and I think I won’t survive without it. I blog food, collectibles and weekend activities. I blog travel, fitness, arts and other lifestyles. I blog anecdotes, poems, quotes and a lot of randomness.

Once my dad asked me if I wanted to be a wrestler which was intended as a joke to my long list of useless hobbies and talents. My answer is a “no” but yeah pretty much if I’d have the chance I’d try boxing, capoeira, jujitsu or jeet kune do.

The point of itemizing everything on this page? Well, I find it funny that to some people I seem to be everything yet to many I am still nothing. Will I get a gold medal or a trophy? No. Will I be able to afford a mansion and a fancy car? No. Will I bring honor to my family? uh-uh. Will I be soon a celebrity? Don’t count on it. But I don’t feel like I’m nothing nor do I feel like I am something, I’m just like everyone else trying to enjoy life.


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