Poledancing: Moving Forward

When I started out poledancing the only thing I ever wanted was a place where I could dance. Remembering my first few classes, I wasn’t really thinking of mastering stunts. It’s not my style and I wasn’t even sure if I could still do all those things. I’m the underachiever type who does not really want to set any goals. I’m always afraid of disappointing myself so I lower my expectations all the time and I kind of like setting my own pace (a very slow one). I remember telling myself I’ve nothing to lose and I could easily back out if I didn’t like the first class and etc. But of course it was the other way around. The moment we (my friend and I) were done, we were already planning of getting a card and consider poling as something regular.

My progress was laughable. Mostly I blame it on my stubborn self and also it was no surprise because I wasn’t that active. There were times when I promised myself that I will be more dedicated but well it didn’t turn out as planned. Despite doing poorly my “plans” started to take shape. I made a wishlist related to poling at that time.

  1. portraits: picture up the pole
  2. portraits: staged pole picture
  3. portraits: staged pole picture with a partner
  4. portraits: staged doubles
  5. portraits: location shoot
  6. choreograph a routine
  7. plan an event with a pole
  8. fire station playset
  9. show Tita Nanette (so she can have fun too!)
  10. staged video

As you can see, I did not do justice to this list. But on to something more positive, I did get a pole and I did continue attending classes. There were two events where guests took turns trying it out so number 7 on that list is a definite success. I technically did not do anything to make a fire station playset for my 4-year old nephew but he has been incorporating it in many of his games. Apart from being a fireman’s pole, it has been a Meralco post, a tree, a dummy for martial arts training and a part of an obstacle. I think he is spending more time with the pole than I do.

Anyway, I still want this list and thinking about each one always thrills me. You don’t know how many times I’ve fantasized how I’ll be able to render it. It’s just that it’s such a novelty. It’s funny that the main list I have has little to do with actual stunts so I suppose I have to make that list as well. Here is my list of “I have to do stunts”.

  1. the plank
  2. combination spins
  3. humming bird
  4. the jade
  5. transitions up the pole

Of course, I’d have to master other stunts in order to get to these ones but anyway these are the ones I want to learn the most. One last list is other stuff that is related to pole. This blog is actually one of them. I wasn’t sure I wanted another blog but I didn’t want to flood the video blog I put up at Tumblr so I thought it’s better to just write and write when you want and when you can.

  1. put up a dancing video blog at tumblr
  2. put up a text heavy dancing blog at wordpress
  3. start a master list of stunts I learned so I won’t forget
  4. add description to the list of stunts (and illustration if possible)
  5. explore and expand

I have started on #3 but adding the description is really hard! Now I understand why most people resort to making demonstrations instead of putting up step by step  illustrations. Oh but it is challenging! I’m not really confident of illustrating but maybe someone else can do it for me. ahem. ahem. Lastly exploring other forms of dance in order to enhance poling itself is something I can really look forward to. Firstly, there’s that aerial silk and aerial hoop introductory workshop. There’s also that Argentinian tango thing. And yeah the rest are somewhere on Youtube! hahaha.

When I was told of Stellar, the first performance/recital in 2011 I readily said no. There were several factors of course but mainly it’s because I didn’t feel ready. The second one, which was held this year, I did want to join but I couldn’t. I’ll let you in a secret. I don’t like announcing plans as I often think it would jinx it but lemme worry about that later. All I know is that I want to be on that stage and I’ll do everything I can to make sure I will perform next year.

Someone once told me that once it is written, it’s taken its course. spinspinsugar!


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