Aerial Silk and Hoop Gear (Fashion)

This is the 3rd and last entry on what to wear for aerial silk and hoop workshops but that does not mean it’d be the least interesting. The first helping was all about specialty shops and the second was on other options. This is more on the fashion and improvisation part.

Firstly, all of these items are quite accessible because the fad of 80s fashion just finished. Shirts meant to be worn in layers, tanks, colorful halters, midriff tops, off shoulder shirts and etc are all over boutiques. And don’t get me started with the leggings thing. There are so many shops that carry fun and quirky leggings. I’ve seen many donning leggings in animal prints although that’s not really my style. For me the best is always the subtle and feminine feel of ballet-inspired fashion and weirdly enough I am also biased with grunge. Well, I’m old so I love denims and how it is mixed and matched with typical dance ensembles.

I remember wearing jumpers/overalls over my leotards and tights all the time before and after my classes. I also loved wearing torn denim shorts and skirts over leggings (Please children, that was back in 94 and 95) as it was quite convenient. Then it was my dream to get leg warmers, wraparounds and shrugs like ballerinas do but it was stupid considering we didn’t have air conditioning at UP Human Kinetics.

Anyway, Top shop, Mango, Forever 21, The Ramp, Rustan’s, Robinson’s Dept Stores, SM Dept Stores and many others would probably carry a lot of fashionable tops and leggings you can use. If you still can’t find what you want, have a look at their stockings selection. Most of these boutiques have a section for printed stockings and once you’ve chosen a design or two, you can wear those over a pair of plain colored leggings. You would have to cut off the foot yes but it’d look pretty cool. I used to do this all the time during my gothic fashion days. I’d wear red blood leggings underneath and wear web stockings or fishnets over it.

But don’t overdo it okay? Stick to one printed item and perhaps maximum of 2 layers. And electric colors should be limited to a piece. The rest of the items should be subdued or neutral. You following? Oh shucks. I’m tempted to put up visuals but alas no time!

My original plan was to update this blog very slowly because I just have to do so much right now but this aerial silk and aerial hoop classes got me super excited. And I’m just getting warmed up.



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