Poledancing: My First Taste

I first heard about poledancing after reading an article in Inquirer. It was a piece on Ed Aniel who pioneered poledancing in the Philippines. It immediately aroused curiosity. At the time it was quite intimidating especially with all the namedropping of who were taking up such lessons. All the mentions of celebrities and socialites kinda got to me and it didn’t help that classes were held at Promenade, Greenhills (another studio was in Paranaque). I simply took note of their number and that was that.

It took some time but I finally mustered enough courage, picked up the phone and inquired about classes. A few days before the supposed first class, I slipped in the bathroom and ended up with a jarred inner ear. The aftermath was not exactly something painful nonetheless it was exasperating and the hangover went on for a few months stealing away football games and the possibility of attending poledancing classes. It was regretful.

In the middle of it all I’ve seen articles on Girl vs. Girl but I never got to watch any of the performances. By accident I saw a tandem perform at Skarlet’s then Ten 02 bar at Timog during a jazz/musical event with solos and duets. I’m not exactly sure if it was Girl vs. Girl or they were already carrying the title Polecats but that doesn’t really matter does it? They blew me away! And I knew then that I will not rest even with my little dizzy spells until I give it a shot.

In the last quarter of 2010 I decided it was time to give it a shot. I lowered my expectations, hoped for the best and attended my first class. I was far from doing well but everything about poledancing was phenomenal. There are a lot of reasons as to why I found it most promising. I wanted more structure than dancing at gigs. I wanted something less formal than ballet and gymnastics. I didn’t feel like hiphop, street dance or modern jazz. I thought there was something lacking in flamenco, tap and bellydancing. Finally I found ballroom dancing (at least in the local scene) too old-fashioned. A few classes and I knew it was what I was looking for. I tried it out simply because I wanted to dance. I got what I wanted and more.

I probably would have found a way to get to know poledancing with or without Polecats but it was this organization that made me love it even more. Everyone is warm and welcoming and everyone is always encouraging so I never felt I am behind even though I know I am. The studio, the classes, the instructors and the students all contribute to making one feel at home. I was never pressured to do what I can’t nor was I compelled to compete with others. They simply focused on positive reinforcement. Polecats is good at that. They just make magic. I can actually go on and on about how it is pure love.

Poledancing, Polecats and this community is really something. And I wrote this so everyone will know that “this”, all of these changed my life in more ways than you can imagine and I am only one of many.


(This isn’t the first text I wrote on Poledancing but this is the perfect text to start this new blog of mine. I’ll decide whether to put up links or transfer the whole thing some other time.)


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