Handmade Arts and Crafts fair at 10a

Isn’t the poster intriguing enough?

So there I was back at 10a Alabama with Phil exactly a week after I visited them for the first time. I was there to check out their goods, to take more pictures, to show Phil around and to buy gifts for Sasa, my cousin/inaanak who just celebrated her birthday.

Yes I was told that they carefully chose concessionaires but many actually claim that so I was doubtful. But yeah most if not all were unique. Also I was wrong about expecting that everything will be expensive. Though I encountered some expensive pieces, many were also quite affordable so you probably won’t go home empty-handed (unlike when you go to Heima). Many were also refurbished pieces so maybe that’s the reason why they’re a lot cheaper.

I was hoping to see more of Resurrection but I didn’t see any apart from the ones I’ve seen the last time I was there. Snacks were available but Phil and I were planning to eat elsewhere so we just shared a glass of iced coffee.

I was thinking of listing down my favorites but then it’d take too long. Besides I think they’d be having these art fairs often so just keep your eyes peeled and wait for the next helping. Next time, I hope I can splurge.

The cat greeted Phil right away probably smelling the kittens from his Chucks. Aloha!


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