10a Alabama at New Manila

10a is a number and Alabama is the name of the street. These make up the address of this magical place of the same name. I discovered the house/warehouse/gallery/factory along with Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery and Flyleaf Project’s Moonlight Serenade (a recently concluded opera performance at 10Alabama) while listlessly browsing through random Facebook walls. It was the refurbished pieces of Resurrection that initially caught my attention and the rest was history. Before I knew it I was there with my camera, frolicking in and out of the house passing through corridors taking in as much as I can.

I was enthusiastically telling Arlene of Resurrection how overwhelmed I was with every little thing they did with the place. Find almost every form of art in there! There are artworks on the walls. There are wonderfully remade furniture pieces. There are sculptures installed in every corner. There are trays, painted stones, crochet, postcards, patterns, painted bottles and other found objects that are almost unrecognizable in their new state. Most are expensive but I bet you’d be able to find something you’d think is worth it. Besides, inspiration is free, overflowing even.

Resurrection, I was told, is about 2 years old but the house in Alabama is just a year old. They’ve held exhibits and events such as Moonlight Serenade there but mostly it’s just a warehouse where people drop by to check out what they have to offer. (Not just another warehouse though, it’s THE warehouse!) It also serves as their factory and you can see it from the half-finished pieces scattered around the backyard.

I love the clutter most especially because of the two black and white companions named Chaplin and Monroe. They roam about the grounds majestically and be forewarned that they will beg for food. You’ve no choice but to comply. What I love most about the place is that it is not just for people who goes shopping. Even if you don’t buy anything, I’m sure you’d be taking something home, tickled, revived and inspired.

<- These were taken inside the girls’ restrooms. I wonder if I can sneak into the men’s this weekend.

I was already thinking of going back so that I can take pictures of the lot with a bit of sunlight. Also majority of their pieces are actually consigned somewhere in Alabang so I want to see those too. Then I was told that there’s a handmade arts and crafts fair on Saturday and Sunday,  July 7 and 8 2012. Is it my birthday?! hahaha. They’re expecting 35 concessionaires so it’s gonna be a grand circus!

So, I will see you there! Dress nice and bring your camera! Aloha!


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